Thursday, July 8, 2010

The best thing about knitting is...

that it will always be there. No matter how crappy I think my life is, no matter how heinous I believe the world is behaving, I can pick up my knitting and sooner or later I'll start to feel better. Maybe I don't solve my problems or achieve world peace, but after a few rows I no longer feel the need to pick up something heavy and throw it at the person, place, or thing that's working my last nerve. It might be just some yarn and pointy sticks to your average non-knitter, but if that person knew how much I rely on that yarn and those needles to keep me sane, they'd run the hell away from me as fast as they could. Ha ha!

My latest sanity knitting:

I'm hoping to start the edging tonight and post a photo of the completed object by the end of the weekend. This is a gift for someone who has NOT made me want to bitch-slap Santa. That means a lot.


  1. Not want to bitch-slap Santa- Bwah hah hah hah. There are about 3 people on the planet I can say that about- the rest get some knitting every now and then because there's so much laying around here.

  2. Knitting does seem to make things better. But I do find my gauge can be a bit tighter when I'm stressed/upset.

  3. Love that green - that color does great things for my sanity as well. Calming to me. :) I've come to rely on knitting as well as my quiet. :)

  4. Great ode to knitting! It is amazing how quickly knitting can calm frazzled nerves.
    Must get that yarn, the color is perfect.


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