Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Some of My Favorite Food Blogs

Instead of a recipe today, I thought I'd give you links to some of my favorite food blogs. There are a ton of them out there. Some are so beautiful that I spend my time drooling over them instead of getting busy and cooking something but I'll take inspiration wherever I find it, even if the inspiration doesn't hit me for a while.

Here's one of my favorites for sweets: The Food Librarian. Right now, she having a pretty cool giveaway. Every month until her birthday in December, she's celebrating by giving away gift certificates, books, things like that. She has some excellent recipes too.

Since I mentioned sweets, if you're one of the few people in the blogosphere who hasn't seen Cake Wrecks, it's worth checking out. It's not about recipes, but professional cakes gone horribly wrong. Funny, odd, gross--they show it all, and you can send in your own cake wreck photos.

I just recently started following White on Rice Couple. It's got to be one of the most gorgeously photographed food blogs EVER. And the recipes? Oh yeah. This is one of my favorite blogs.

Last for today, but certainly not least, is Tartelette. She's no slouch in the photography department either, and the recipes are fabulous. Easily one of the most elegant blogs I've come across.

I have lots of other food blogs I enjoy and will post links every few weeks. Enjoy!

I want to thank everybody for their kind words about my Katie. She is home now and doing slightly better. Right now, I have to force baby food into her. She's not eating on her own yet although she did lap up a little bit of half and half this morning. We have this funny little routine where she follows me into the kitchen first thing in the morning when I get my coffee, meowing for her splash of half and half. This morning, I had to call her into the kitchen, and it was kind of sad. The vet is now saying it's not diabetes, but most likely the IBD flaring up or perhaps lymphoma. They are both treated the same way, so time will tell. For now, we have her back and will love her and enjoy her for however long we have.


  1. My little Sophie crawled into a closet for alone time when she was so very ill. It does break your heart to feel so helpless.

    Thanks for the links- I'm off to discover.

  2. p.s. holy crap- I just subscribed to a cooking blog (the first one)

  3. You left out one of the all-time best food blogs --

    Also and have alot of awsome food blogs on there websites.

  4. I'm so glad Katie is home and is doing a little bit better. I'll keep sending positive thoughts that it isn't anything serious. That's a sweet little picture - and I swear she looks SO MUCH like my K.C.

  5. I am so happy that Katie is home. Our 14 year old chow became ill suddenly several months ago, and we were worried we wouldn't have her back home with us. We were fortunate to have her back and she is doing ok - it's made us just treasure every remaining day she is with us. (Which is how we should be about everything now that I write that and think about it!)(and I didn't mean to make the post about my dog - I just can appreciate how nice it must be for you to have her back. I hope she continues to improve.)

    Thank you for all the food blogs! I will check them out and add to my google reader.

    ok long comment. sorry! :)

  6. Olivia, thanks for those links. I was actually saving the Pioneer Woman for a later blog post. LOVE her photos too.

  7. Glad Katie is home.
    I'll have to check out the other food blogs. Thanks!

  8. Thanks for the recipe links. It was very helpful. Will try it soon.

  9. Every day with a sick or aging pet is precious. I hope you have many more precious days left with Katie.

  10. Lots of love to Katie and to you guys as you support her.


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