Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday photos

One of the highlights of summer here in Colorado is the Drum Corp International competition held in Denver--Drums Along the Rockies. DCI is hard-core marching band competition--like a Rose Bowl half-time show on steroids. You probably don't think of marching bands when you think about summer in Colorado, but since DD started high school, it's been a big part of our family life. She and her 100 or so band mates spend a good part of their summer practicing for marching band competition season, and they all meet up at Drums so they can see the creme de la creme of marching bands. The quarterfinal round of the World Championships is broadcast in movie theaters across the country in early August. Check it out!

These are the Cadets, from Allentown, PA. 

This the Santa Clara (CA) Vanguard. The guy in the green shirt is a judge. This one had a real knack for getting in the way.

These are the Blue Devils, from Concord, CA. They won Drums Along the Rockies this year.

Here's a link to my flickr page for more photos.


  1. Oh this is awesome! My husband and I were in band as kids, and we still love to go watch a good high school band competition. And DCI?! Wow. We saw them last in Dallas. Awesome! I know you guys had a great time! Kind of gives me goosebumps just thinking about it!

  2. marching bands are great--i love that so many different ones come each year to NYC--to march in parades--I usually only watch the vetern day parade.. and sometimes the St Patrick's--but paraded are as good a half time shows (i never watch sports) for a good marching band.

  3. Me too - we used to have a regional competition in my home town and it's thrilling to watch. Love the photos.


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