Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Free camera--just do my laundry

Somebody keeps breaking into my house and leaving their dirty laundry and stealing clean clothes. (I wish they'd steal my crappy camera.) I'll be doing laundry the entire day, but at least I have an excuse to knit. DH plaintively said, on his way out, he'd help me fold the laundry if I'd tackle the washing and drying. I know reverse psychology when it's being used on me.

Speaking of crappy cameras, I finished the Woodland Shawl and here's proof. Sort of. It really is a bad photo, but at least you get to see my kitty Katie.

The yarn is LoĆ°band Einband / Icelandic Laceweight, gifted to me by a very talented and funny Canadian. I've included a non-Ravelry linky to the pattern.

I sometimes forget that not everybody worships Ravelry as I do, but Rav has saved my knitting bacon so many times. Just this morning I was working on a sock pattern that I just KNEW had mistakes. I checked out some of the other Ravelry FO's of this pattern, and of course it was ME, and not the pattern. Sort of. I find that a *repeat helps me read a pattern correctly. This pattern doesn't have any, but a few Ravers set me straight and made me feel a little less dumb. I've frogged the socks, but I'll get back to them as soon as the Ravelympics are over. I'm going to need the needles for my Sock Hockey entry. Instead, I'll cast on the Brandywine Shawl. Yes, I know I need another shawl like I need a third boob, but I can't resist this one. It's tip up, and uses sock yarn. It also supports a very good and ongoing cause, and a very talented designer. Romi, you rock!

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  1. First, the shawl is amazing. Love the pattern and your knitting is great. And I didn't realize from Twitter that you are so funny! A third boob? You crack me up.
    P.S. Where do you ski? I'm in the NorthEast. Bullet-proof snow these days. My blog is at I'm going to add you to my list!


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