Saturday, February 20, 2010

It's knot funny, Sirdar!

New Rule: I will not ♥ any yarn I haven't used for at least two projects. I'm smacking myself upside my own head and feeling like a fiber fangirl because I was all gaga over Sirdar's Snuggly Baby Bamboo. I still love the feel of this stuff, still love the colors. But the knots. Mother of God, those knots!

The first skein was like a Godiva chocolate truffle, smooth and creamy and oh so yummy. The second? Six knots, and those are just the ones I found without taking the yarn off its cardboard tube. Six! Crap on a cracker, this is just not right. The first thing I do, of course, is Google "Sirdar Snuggly baby bamboo yarn knot problems," and wouldn't you know, I get enough pages to make me more than a little concerned. But this is after the fact, after I've started my Olympic Knitting project and after I've fallen in love with the delicious hand of this yarn. But honestly, Sirdar. You're making yarn, not dating my daughter. Do I really need to do a background check first? I've been to a fiber mill. I know that a human being ties those knots, not a machine. To my mind, this is a defective skein and should be sold as a mill end, not as a full price yarn.

It's tough times like these that show you who your real friends are. Cheryl, owner of the Recycled Lamb, took back the offending skein, no questions asked. Fortunately, she had a replacement and it was even the same dye lot. This is my lucky day, and I'm buying a lottery ticket.

It's hard to knit with your fingers crossed, so please send some good knitting mojo my way. I'm not going to count on my luck holding out, because I'm not even half way through the main section of the blanket. I'm still planning on knitting a little summer sweater with this yarn. Fool me once Sirdar...

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  1. Oh dear - I've had problems with knots in that stuff too. But it will be worth - keep going!


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