Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Need something to read?

As promised, here's the compilation of books from my Zauberball giveaway. It's an interesting assortment, with something for everybody. Maybe step outside your comfort zone and try an author you've never read before. I've linked the titles to the Tattered Cover site, so you can read the description for each book. The Tattered Cover is an indie bookstore, with three locations in the Denver area. Enjoy!

The Angel's Game--Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Shadow of the Wind—Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Angels and Demons--Dan Brown

Eclipse—Stephenie Meyer

Breaking Dawn—Stephenie Meyer

Trust Agents--Chris Brogan

Linchpin--Seth Godin

Blink--Malcolm Gladwell

Stumbling on Happiness--Daniel Gilbert

Heart Shaped Box--Joe Hill

Conservatives Without Conscience—John W. Dean

Death by Cashmere--Sally Goldenbaum

Fleece Navidad--Maggie Sefton 

Ghost Hunting--Jason Hawes & Grant Wilson

Neverwhere--Neil Gaiman

The Wind-up Bird Chronicle--Haruki Murakami

Dead in the Family--Charlaine Harris

The Passage—Justin Cronin

Drums of Autumn—Diana Gabaldon

Pippi Longstocking--Astrid Lindgren

War and Peace—Leo Tolstoy

Pillars of the Earth—Ken Follett

Small Island--Andrea Levy

Sister Carrie—Theodore Dreiser

Everyday Sacred--Susan Bender

Fever 1793--Laurie Halse Anderson

The Knitter's Book of Wool--Clara Parks

Innocent—Scott Turow

Hannah's List--Debbie Macomber

The Help--Kathryn Stockette

Border Trilogy--Cormac McCarthy

Daughter of the Forest--Juliet Marillier

Sevenwaters Forest--Juliet Marillier

A Thread So Thin--Marie Bostwick


  1. What a great way to get a list of book titles...
    Best give away I have ever seen online: everybody gets something out of this!

  2. Thanks Nancy! You are always the first to jump in with a kind word or an affirming comment. ♥

  3. I just went to the library today, should have checked here first...but I need more books like I need more yarn! So, I need more.


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