Thursday, June 17, 2010

There it was, on page 152...

It's a fact: from time to time, I'll curse. I try to be mindful of the audience and when little kids or teachers are present, I use my G-rated vocabulary. I know some people are offended by profanity and other don't give a ______ (fill in the expletive of your choice). There are times, however, when NOT using a bad word kinda takes the air out of the tires, know what I mean?

Occasionally I ask DH to proofread a post before I publish it. If I'm on the fence about something or not sure I'm headed in the right direction, I'll bounce the post off him to get his reaction.  When I showed him this post he seemed a little concerned that I had used the S word. I ended up keeping it, because somehow, "steal the stink off poo," just doesn't have the right tone, but I was surprised at his reaction. This from the guy who taught DD her first curse words before her second birthday, when a Seattle city bus side-swiped his car and took out the passenger side mirror.

Now, here's the part of this story that is absolutely priceless--when I told DD that the Yarn Harlot once used the S word in a post, he was all of a sudden totally O.K. with it. Seriously. I was even going to show him when and where she'd dropped the S bomb, only I couldn't remember. I spent an entire morning Googling and combing through her blog to find it, only to come up empty; I guess I was wrong but I swear to you I did see it once (extra points if anybody can prove I was right). I couldn't find the S word in her blog, and the best Google could produce was a vague reference to one of her books, one I did not own. Of course I did what any normal obsessive person does and drove to a bookstore and found the book. There it was, on page 152 of The Secret Life of a Knitter--an S bomb, italicized and in quotes. Stephanie, I ♥ you! And yes, I bought the book.

I'm ending this post with some photos of some of our bookshelves. We really do have a thing for books.


  1. Imagine this whole library on a Kindle or Ipad! Kinda makes me sad to be wanting an Ipad. What happens to the Kami of the paper?

  2. LOL, if the Yarn Harlot can do it, it must be okay!!! :)

  3. Yeah - I love books too - and the Yarn Harlot. Remember when she blogged about nipples and a few people got in a uproar? By the way - what was your original S word post anyway? Just curious.

  4. I love that you swear! And I can totally understand your need to find the legitimization. Smile.

    If only I could knit or write like the Yarn Harlot. Smile smile


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