Wednesday, September 1, 2010

We have a winner!

If you zoom in on this screen shot, you'll see that random number generator chose #3. Joanne, send me an email and I'll get the goodies to you. Congratulations! Thanks for all the great jokes and links, everybody. If you didn't win, don't worry--this giveaway stuff is fun and I'll do it again soon.

Since this is Wednesday and the day I usually post something food-related, here's a link to what I'm making for dinner--chicken with caramelized fennel. I'm going to grill some chicken breasts instead of using the chicken thighs called for in the recipe, but it sounds really good, doesn't it? Will let you know tomorrow. I love caramelized vegetables of any kind, so I have high hopes for this dish.


  1. Congrats to Joanne!

    Caramelized fennel definitely sounds interesting! I was just reading a recipe that involved caramelized grapefruit, which gave me pause for thought.

  2. I have burnt the sugar on top of creme brulee - does that count as caramelization? It does give me an opportunity to use the kitchen "torch" which is always exciting. (I should also admit that I use a mix to make creme brulee - people are always mistaken in thinking I'm a brilliant cook when I make it.)

  3. Congratulations, Joanne!

    Woah, I cannot believe you really posted every single day in August...
    Well done :)

  4. I have never had fennel! This sounds good. First time I've looked at your blog in a week. I can hardly bear to think how my google reader has backed up. :) We are going to have to meet and knit soon! Hopefully things are going to settle down for us and into a routine very soon!


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