Wednesday, January 20, 2010

We need more goat udders!

Cat Bordhi seriously cracks me up. How do you watch her youtube knitting videos and NOT laugh your ass off, and oh yeah, learn something? I needed a refresher course on Judy's Magic Cast-On for my super-secret Ravelympic test socks, and immediately thought of Cat. In this video, she also gives a few tips on knitting socks two at a time on two circulars, which I absolutely love. If you're thinking of learning this method, here's an important tip--learn the difference between cow udders and goat udders. I'll say no more. Just watch the video.

I adore Judy's Magic Cast-On. It is fabulous for toe-up socks. See for yourselves:

There's no seam, no bumpy stuff to bother sensitive toes. It really is magic. The legend goes like this: Judy was laid up, sick as a dog (or goat, if you like) and this revolutionary cast-on just came to her, like a vision. The only thing I can see when I'm sick is the television. Judy Becker, I bow to your skills. Thank you.

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