Monday, June 13, 2011

I have no idea who Joe Palen is.

Awfully nice of them to let people use THEIR OWN CELL PHONES IN THEIR OWN CARS, wouldn't you say? I'm wondering how they feel about knitting in public. Unfortunately, I didn't bring my knitting. And do you get the irony of this photo? No, there's nothing oppositional about me, nothing at all.

# 2,499 from The 2,548 Best Things Anybody Ever Said:
If I had permission to do everything, I wouldn't want to do anything.
--The one best thing Joe Palen ever said


  1. I do enjoy the irony!

    I also love it when I read one of those "don't use your cell phone" signs when I'm waiting (and waiting, and waiting) in a business or doctor's office -- um, what if I need to reschedule the rest of my day because you're taking so long to help me?

  2. Don't hate me but I don't get get what's wrong with the sign. Don't you have to pay to get into a country club?

    I went to a private religious university and I remember people complaining about the no cohabitation rule. I understood why the rule was unenforceable (and therefore silly) but I didn't understand why the students were up in arms about it. I mean it's a Catholic university, of course one of the rules is "No sex before marriage on campus grounds". If you didn't like the rule, why are you attending a religiously affiliated school?

    Then again, these were the same students who got huffy because they weren't allowed to drink before turning 21. I pointed out to my freshmen (I was an RA) that it wasn't a college rule but one set by the government. If you don't like it, call your Congressman not the Dean of Students. ;)

  3. To Vanessa: Oh, dear. How could I ever hate one of my favorite followers? NEVER!

    Full disclosure--the sign happens to be in the foyer of this club, and I am not a member, but must occasionally attend functions there.

    If your guest calls you and is woefully lost, is it reasonable to expect that you walk back to your car to give them directions? I think not. Certainly, if you happen to be in the dining room, of course you wouldn't take the call there. And I don't see how it would disturb anyone if you were checking your email anywhere inside the club, with the possible exception of the locker room.

    No, I'm afraid my beef is with the antiquated attitude of this particular club--they still have a men-only grill. I fail to understand why men would feel the need to eat without the presence of women, especially women who happen to be members of this club. Especially since the price of membership at the club isn't lower for women who will not have full use of said club.

    And gender-based tee times? Don't even get me started. ::dismounting my soapbox::

    This is my best Miss Manners imitation. What do you think? Can I pull it off?

  4. hmm....

    I wouldn't be very deterred, there's no consequences on that poster.

  5. Places like that make me want to break out my most stereotypical hippie clothes and romp barefoot across the putting greens offering daisy chains to everyone wearing a starched polo.

  6. I was in a cross stitch store in suburban NYC and she had a huge sign saying you could not use your cell phone in her store --- really????? This is a problem?????

    :::shaking my head:::


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