Monday, March 22, 2010

Duck poop and other crap

There's a lot of spring cleaning going on here in our townhouse complex. They're patching and painting and sprucing things up from the humongous hail storm we had last summer. I'm hoping they'll also repair the holes the woodpeckers are making. But in the meantime, the woodpeckers have been replaced by guys on the roof, staring into my skylight whenever I happen to walk out of the bathroom naked. Fun!

It's a glorious day here, so DH and I took Sophie for a walk in the park behind our complex. I got a picture of a heron, but since I used my iPhone, you'll really have to hunt for it in the photo, kind of like Where's Waldo. We should be seeing ducklings and goslings soon, which means the sidewalk between the two ponds at the park will be covered in goose and duck poop, as the duck and goose families go back and forth. I just love spring! The nice weather also means the Lance Armstrong wannabes will be all over the park, getting pissed off at us walkers for getting in their way. They love to scare the crap out of you when they rip by with no warning at all, but I guess when your genitals are being squeezed by spandex shorts, you forget to be polite. In the spirit of compromise, I'm proposing this idea: if all you skinny tire fanatics will give a little shout out before you pass me, I'll leave my air horn at home. How 'bout it?

In between dodging poop, bikers, and peeping Toms, I've managed to finish the blue socks--just need to find a foot model and get some decent photos. I'm going to make another pair in sock yarn weight, then write up the pattern. I'll have plenty of time, because all this beautiful weather guarantees there's going to be another snow storm any minute now. Maybe I'll wash my car just to make sure.

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