Saturday, April 3, 2010

I <3 my pillow and Bernard from Lebanon

I used to make fun of people who bring their own pillows when they travel. I'm talking about grownups, not little kids, which is kind of understandable--if you have the kind of kid who freaks out at the thought of sleeping without that special binky or blanket, you know what I mean. After today, I might just become one of those people you see in airports, pillow under one arm, carry on luggage under the other.

For five nights, I slept on pillows that weren't quite right--one was too thin and two were too thick. The result was one monster headache this morning. I'm pretty sure it was my first migraine in about ten years. Yeah for me!

Fotunately, I found Bernard at the Miami airport. He gives chair massages across from the H concourse. I paid for a 20 minute massage, but my neck and upper back were in such bad shape, he gave me twice as long. Bernard was so gentle and kind and strong, all at the same time. And hot. If all the men in Lebanon are this smokin' I'm moving. If you are ever in the Miami airport with a headache, or just feel like being pummeled by a gorgeous Lebanese guy, look him up. Tip well. He's worth every cent.

Maybe now I'll feel like knitting on the plane, instead of barfing. I'm sure the person seated next to me will appreciate it at least as much as I will. Photos to follow.

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  1. Thank God for Bernard :)

    Hope you arrived home safe and sound!


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