Sunday, April 11, 2010

Only a wimp reads the manual.

Feast your eyes on my new dSLR camera, the Sony ∝230. It's an entry level digital single lens reflex camera, which means next week I'll complain that it's not sophisticated enough for my newly acquired level of photography expertise. Kidding, honey. I have a lot to learn about harnessing the power of this bad boy--putting the strap on made my forehead sweat. But I've signed up for a dSLR class and--if there are any males reading this you might want to sit down right about now--I am reading the instruction manual.

Yes, I do know that manuals are for wimps, but I also know that a certain person in my household will soon be counting on me to answer his questions about digital cameras because--let me say it again--I read the instructions. That's the way I roll. We will discuss my consultation fees at the appropriate time. Right after I pick out a macro lens, external flash, filters, and a remote commander.

Here's a linky to this camera on Costco, and I'll leave you with some yarn porn. More to come.


  1. i'm feasting my eyes .... and am very envious! Am anxious to see how you like this little beauty AND I am soooo impressed that you read the manual! If you move about the yarn net, you will see that this color, this turquoise/blue/caribbean surf keeps showing up. What's up with that? I want some too.

  2. COOOOL!

    Oh man, you got 2 lenses with that camera??? LUCKY YOU!

    It is fun to work with a DSLR... play a lot with it!

    So happy for you that you got one :)

  3. Awesome camera. And I love manuals, I don't think they are for wimps. Unless they are too long and dry - in which case, I will change my stance and become a firm believer in Learn-By-Doing. :)

  4. Very cool! You'll love playing with it. :)

  5. oh, i am impressed. sure, the camera is nice, but even better, you are reading the manual....and by the way....that donut need to go to japan, it's complete donut nirvana ( and i don't mean krispy creme)


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